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For Immediate Release-
United Capital Source Unveils Eighteen-Month Program

United Capital Source finds success with its new eighteen-month program
Garden City, New York- (October 7, 2011) - United Capital Source recently implemented its brand new eighteen-month loan program.  The program, which has been in place for four months, enables small businesses pay back loans over longer periods of time. 

United Capital Source, founded in January 2011, provides small businesses loans that have been open for at least one year with a varied and flexible number of loan options.  United Capital Source provides loans to business in all fifty states.
Jared Weitz, founder of United Capital Source, has been extremely happy with the immediate success of the eighteen-month program.  “The eighteen-month program has allowed us to be able to get merchants more funding, because we can stretch-out the payment periods,” Jared Weitz explains, “and it’s a fixed payment, so the merchant knows exactly what’s coming in and out of his business on a daily basis.”

The eighteen-month program allows for more flexibility in long term payment.  “While your typical bank will only offer a six month loan,” says Jared Weitz of United Capital Source we offer eighteen here at United Capital Source.”
 About United Capital Source: 

United Capital Source (UCS), located in Garden City, New York, was born as an alternative to traditional bank loans for small business. UCS has been serving clients throughout the country for some time, some being through independent agents/brokers, financial institutions, and some online. Known for providing funding for bad credit, with UCS there are no personal guarantees or collateral necessary and there are also no restrictions on how to spend the money, which allows you to raise your business hassle free. For more information, visit www.UnitedCapitalSource.com.

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